About Us

Slack Construction builds primarily residential, custom homes, as well as some light industrial. The firm's residential jobs have ranged from $60,000 to a current renovation project worth $500,000. Approximately 80 percent of the work is in the Ocala/ Marion County area, but Slack Construction builds almost anywhere in the state of Florida.

Mike Slack

Mike Slack had already had a full career. A 1966 graduate of Leesburg High School and Florida State University in 1970, Slack taught biology and chemistry at Lake Weir High School. While he may have taught high school, building was in his blood.

Before he graduated, Slack had renovated two homes he owned, and had participated in the development and operations of one of the largest land clearing machines. Even while teaching, he continued to build houses.

Slack gave up teaching to become a licensed general contractor in 1977. He first Incorporated Michael Slack Construction, Inc. in 1979, and quickly won the bid to build the Dayco plant on Maricamp Road, one of Ocala's largest manufacturing facilities. The original $1.8 million project grew over the years, with Slack building additions and making modifications that provided revenues of about $8 million during a 14-year span.

During this period, Slack became a part owner in another Ocala construction firm, Fair & Sons, Inc. And in 1994, Slack started Grind Masters, Inc, a company that manufactured grinding machines that could grind waste material cleared from land or houses. By the later 1990s, Slack has sold Grind Masters and became less involved in Fair & Sons eventually selling his interest in 2000. Instead, he started SlackConstruction, Inc, focusing primarily on custom homes.

More Than Just Builders

Slack Construction believes that they are doing more than constructing buildings, they are building relationships that last long after the building is complete. After ever completed construction they have a cookout to celebrate where past and current customers turned friends flock to hang out and have a good time. This kind of relationship is sparked from honest communication between each customer and Slack Construction to guarantee that on a day to day basis they are satisfied.

Today, Slack Construction averages about 10 jobs at a time, although in 2004, there was a period when they were up to 17. With the way Slack Construction does business, that's not easy.